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E-Ratastoolid OÜ

GSM 24h: +372 58 200 500

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We provide:

  • Transport for people with disabilites
  • Rent of auxiliary items
  • Repair of auxiliary items


Transportation through Estonia, Europe and Scandinavia. We accept transportation orders at any time during the day (24 hours).

To privide service we have a specially designed bus to suit people who use any kind of helping tool to move around (wheelchair, wheelbed, etc.). Safety level is A4. There is place for maximum of 4 people with wheelchairs + 7 regular passangers. The order could be changed, for example 3 people with wheelchairs + 8 regular passengers.


Transportation prices:

  • Transportation in Tallinn 30 minutes = 30 Euros
  • Busdriver waits for 1 hour 08.00 - 22.00 = 20 Euros
  • Busdriver waits for 1 hour 22.00 - 08.00 = 30 Euros
  • Outside of Tallinn 1km = 1 Euro
  • Long distance transportation is negotiatable.


Renting prices (equipment for people with disabilities):

  • Electric cart 10 Euros/hour
  • Electric scooter 15 Euros/hour
  • Manual cart 5 Euros/hour
  • Rent for longer periods of time is negotiatable.


When ordering a service, plesase provide us with the following information:

  • Number of passengers (both regular and with a wheelchair)
  • Starting point and destination with prefereble time of departure
  • Special wishes


Although we do accept orders at any time during the day (24 hours), we kindly ask You to let us know about your order at least 12 hours before wanted departure time, if possible.

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